Django Day Copenhagen is organized and carried out by Django Denmark. But incidentally, Django Denmark was actually founded in order to carry out Django Day Copenhagen. This happened for the first time back in 2018.

Vision 🌦️

Django Denmark is founded in order to host and support education and networking activities in relation to Django. We create and support local Django events, as well as giving direct financial support for events that target community inclusion and diversity in poverty-affected contexts.

By doing Django Day Copenhagen, our vision is to sustain and grow the Django community in and around Copenhagen.

Having small local events means reducing the environmental footprint of audience travel. This is by far the largest footprint associated with conference activity.

We want to show that local events can bring lots of qualities that aren’t found at bigger international events. But we’re not sacrifizing the contents of the event, thus the program is still filled with talent from abroad.

Experiences ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Since we’ve done Django Day Copenhagen a number of times, we can share our experience for others that might wonder how and why to run a small single-day event like this:

Personal and fun! 🥂️

Django Day Copenhagen is a small and personal event. With less than 100 people present, it’s easy to navigate and meet people.

Everyone is gathered for the same talks and the program allows for space between the talks to socialize. But perhaps - even more important - there is a party at the end of the day.

Single-track event for everyone 🛋️

Topics at our event have always automatically turned out very balanced. There’s a bit of everything represented.

While a local event with less that 100 in the audience is relatively small, there’s always many more people watching online.

We use a professional setup for recording and streaming the event.

Inclusion 🌈️

Economic inclusion is a major factor. While other IT conferences easily cost up to 10x the price for a 1-day ticket, we have found ways to keep the prices of venue and catering low. In addition to that, everyone (including speakers) are volunteering.

We also want to be beginner-friendly, meaning that there is always talks targeting entry-level audiences acquiring new skills. It turns out that experienced Djangonauts always need to keep updated with the latest tools and conventions, anyways. In our experience, beginner-friendly talks usually end up benefitting experienced audiences, anyways.

At the same time, we’re also advanced-friendly, so we don’t mind sneaking in a few talks targeting topics for very experienced audiences. We believe it’s always possible to explain the context of a talk so everyone in the audience can follow and learn something new.

First-time speakers are a special feature of Django Day, meaning that lots of people are getting a taste of public speaking without the tension of a big stage.

We also really mean it when we say that we want to be inclusive for anyone with any background. That’s why there’s a Code of Conduct which we take seriously.

Non-profit 💸️

We’ve managed to hit break-even somewhat with all Django Day Copenhagen events. Our main financial resource was build by hosting DjangoCon Europe 2019.

We’re pretty happy about the current setup since we can say that Django Day Copenhagen is a sustainable activity in itself and definitely has some potential to raise more funds that can support speaker travel.

Want to get involved? 💭️

Django Denmark is an open association and membership happens by buying a ticket for Django Day Copenhagen and attending.

We are always building the organizing team for next year’s event and would be very happy to hear from anyone that wants to get involved.